Torre Agbar, Barcelona

Torre Agbar, Barcelona, Spain

Torre Agbar - 144m high “water fountain” constructed in the heart of Barcelona. Knopp was there.

“Water fountain”, “like reptile skin”, “as holey as Swiss cheese”, “projectile” – many descriptions for one of the most spectacular buildings in Spain – the 144-m high Torre Agbar. With ist 16.000 m3 aluminium façade and 33 floors, it looks like a liquid, organic mass. The building includes 4.400 irregularly positioned window openings. It is covered with a glass skin and thousands of ribs, which flood the building with reflections and colour washes depending on the incidence of light. This effect has been achieved by painting it with 40 different colours. Star architect, Jean Nouvel, has perfectly translated the requirements of the developer – Barcelona’s waterworks – in accordance with a post-modern, unusual landmark, the colours of which seem to permanently change – like water with incidence of light. Nouvel also sees his building as a tribute to Antoni Gaudi from whom, for example, the famous cathedral in Barcelona originated. The construction companies commissioned to do the job, Dragados and ACSA, under the management of the architect Ricardo Vericat Martin, also ensured quality for the interior and therefore plumped for Knopp. Inyetpavi, based in Barcelona and under the management of Dr. Jesús Pérez, was brought in for the floors. They laid Knopp Contopp® Accelerator 20 Compound 5 through the screed columns by Pavimentos Resistentes S.L., in the concert hall and the corridors. This ensured the guaranteed and punctual ready-to-lay was achieved as intended. The Knopp distributor in Spain, Grupo Caldic Espana SA – manager, Sr. Ignacio Torra, was very pleased about the fact that all the work was completed punctually and reliably as planned. He and his employees were of course particularly proud to have been involved in the construction of this spectacular tower.

Reference data
Construction project
Torre Agbar, Barcelona, Spain
Size in m²
CONTOPP® Accelerator 20
Work execution
Cement screed on polythene
Strength class
3 days

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