Plus City, Pasching

Plus City, Pasching, Austria

“Plus City” - Austria’s largest screed building in 2004in the Paschinger shopping centre – over 32.000m2 produced in record time

This is how the property developers imagined it would be: all joining forces and creating a record-breaking new building in the Paschinger City, Austria’s largest screed building site at this time. When the architects were commissioned with the new building, an extremely tight schedule was stipulated. The old buildings were to be torn down, 61,800m2 of earth was to be excavated, 31,000m2 concrete laid, 48,250m2 shuttering fitted, 732 columns raised, 4,500 t reinforcement and 32,000 m2 screed laid. They were given just 7 months to complete this. The whole thing represented 85,000 man hours. As only 14 days were available for the screed drying phase, the screed laying company was particularly stretched to complete the stipulated 7 cm thick screed in time (drying phase usually takes 5 – 6 weeks or more). Only the well-known Knopp Screed Accelerator was going to be tough enough for the job. These are able to dry out the screed within 4 – 10 days. This meant the screeder was playing safe and could successively and punctually lay the screed to the full satisfaction of the architect team and the developer. The screed was completely ready to lay between 7 and 10 days. Thanks to the homogenous composition of the mortar, the application and subsequent smoothing went without a hitch. Due to the truly fast laying, we were able to save on time and manpower. This is particularly important in these days and age. More than satisfying high was also the high bond stress of 1.5 - 2.5 N/m.

Reference data
Construction project
Plus City, Pasching, Austria
Size in m²
CONTOPP® Compound 15, CONTOPP® Compound 20, CONTOPP® Duremit 35
Work execution
Cement screed on polythene
Strength class
8 days

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