Hotel Sacher, Vienna

Hotel Sacher, Wien, Austria

1 million eggs, over 25 tons of icing sugar, 75 tons of fine crystal sugar, 64 tons of apricot jam, 23 tons of butter and 20 tons of flour are processed annually for what is probably the most famous cake in the world, the “Sachertorte”. 300,000 cakes, all handmade, leave the Sacher every year. You may be wondering what all this has to do with KNOPP?

We are proud that KNOPP products were able to help complete the conversion and renovation of this Viennese hotel and café institution that exists since 1876, quickly, safely and on time. Only separated from the State Opera by a small street, the aim is to "further develop" the Hotel Sacher - to expand it without disturbing the unique architectural silhouette of the city centre that is also a World Heritage Site. An enormous, creative demand on the renowned Austrian architect Sepp Frank. How do we manage to be up on time and at the same time preserving what is worth to be protected. After a short time, it was clear to all, the Gürtler family, Sepp Frank, the well-known interior designer Pièrre-Yves Rochon and the construction management: no matter how significant the conversion may be for the Sacher company, it should be as marginal to the outside of the historic building. Thus, intuition and special consideration for the cityscape were required.

A two-storey loft conversion for 43 new rooms with 250 French windows and a 300 m² spa above the rooftops of Vienna - pure luxury that people must be able to "experience" was decided, after a 5-year planning phase. Extension of the foyer, conversion of the kitchen, expansion of the basement and installation of spacious lifts also had to be built.

During the construction meetings, it quickly became apparent that there were special requirements due to the time limit. For this reason, the decision was made to use the KNOPP Accelerator 20, which is ready for covering after a drying time of just 2-4 days. More than 2,800 m² of screed were laid in a very short time and the interior work could be carried out quickly due to the quick drying and the very good processing quality.

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Construction project
Hotel Sacher, Vienna, Austria
Size in m²
Work execution
Cement screed on insulation
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4 days

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