Hotel Adlon, Berlin

Hotel Adlon, Berlin, Germany

Hotel ADLON - 1,000 m² of superlative wellness oasis

After it was opened in 1907, the old Adlon was considered to be one of the most beautiful hotels in the world. “Tout le monde“ praised it for its architecture, its creative design and its technical perfection. Guests from all over the globe made their way here, including some famous contemporaries, like Thomas Mann, Enrico Caruso, Greta Garbo, Charlie Chaplin and high-ranking politicians. It was under the direction of the oldest luxury hotel brand in the world, the Kempinski hotel group with over 60 hotels throughout the globe, that the legendary Berlin hotel, the Adlon, at the Brandenburg Tor, was renovated and inaugurated in 1997.

The Adlon provides over 382 rooms (of which 80 are suites) on six floors. Many of them offer the fascinating view of the Brandenburger Tor. The heart of the hotel is the 500-square metre ballroom, located on the first floor, in which all the walls are adorned with fine plane tree wood and green marble. The new, generously proportioned 300 m2 of wellness area with a swimming pool, whirlpool, sauna, steam bath, solarium, massage and fitness rooms as well as cosmetics studio, invites you in for leisure, sport, fitness and relaxation. The 60-mm thick thermal screed was to be laid as quickly as possible in two sections and then dried well in readiness for tiling. Bredero Schlüsselfertiges Bauen, from Berlin, commissioned Frank Perlmann Estrichtechnik GmbH, Hambühren, to carry out the screed work. After an intensive inspection, Perlmann proposed using CONTOPP® RAPID SCREED 10. The advantages are obvious. Easy processing due to plastification, quick and reliable drying properties, considerable stability, particularly suitable for damp areas on account of its residual rehydration protection. Both Bredero as well as the engineering office, Jens Bösnecker, Berlin, agreed to Perlmann´s suggestion. Ready-to-lay was achieved after just 14 days, and then the tiles were laid dead on schedule. “The already positive experiences I´d had with CONTOPP® RAPID SCREEDS really paid off here. The drying worked perfectly and we were able to stick precisely to our deadline” stated Werner Thiemer from Perlmann. Frank Perlmann is not your conventional screeder. The man from Lower Saxony does of course carry the “normal” screed range, but he considers loop - holes and niches to be much more demanding and exciting. Over his four sites in Hambüchen, Berlin, Gardelegen and Denia / Spain, he gladly takes on jobs that aren´t exactly run-of-themill. “I prefer contracts that require special solutions; those which border on feasibility” stated Frank Perlmann. The company, which was founded in 1976, offers a performance spectrum of sand/cement, calcium sulphate and special screeds, right up to all the masonry and concrete work. Par ti cu lar focus is placed on the service side, by means of intensive on-site technical consultation, planning support and help with tenders and designs for flooring work.

Reference data
Construction project
Hotel Adlon, Berlin, Germany
Size in m²
CONTOPP® Accelerator 10 Compound 6
Work execution
Bonded screed
Strength class
14 days

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