concrete admixtures


Admixtures for concrete products



MULTIPHOB H 5 / BE 55 causes a chemical modification of free calcium ions and a water proof finishing of the capillary pores.

MULTIPHOB H 5 / BE 55 facilitates: - the reduction of primary and secondary blistering and an increased resistance to frost and de-icing salt. - an increase in the intensity of colored concrete goods. - an increase in green bonding and initial strength enabling the early release of the concrete goods for transportation. - a lubricating effect through plasticized components allowing for an increase in the quality of surface sealing enabling the quick removal of forming.

Application Area

  • For the production of high quality machine manufactured concrete goods (consistency C0 – C1), such as concrete paving stones, sidewalk flagstones, boundary elements, and palisades.
  • For the production of colored concrete goods.
  • For the production of quick releasing and deliverable concrete goods.
  • MULTIPHOB H 5 / BE 55 the additional application of plasticizers becomes unnecessary.

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