Admixtures for sand/cement screeds


Screed Hardeners DUREMIT

High-strength cement screeds up to CT-C40-F7

CONTOPP® Duremit 60


  • Production of coloured terrazzo-screeds with outstanding strength development.
  • Optimised dispersion of colour pigments to obtain even and homogenous texture.
  • Up-speeded early strength and drying for polishing surfaces after 5 - 7 days.
  • Reduction of the screed thickness to a minimum of 35 mm on insulation or polythene sheet.
  • Contains tracer for a subsequent half-quantitative analysis in sand/cement screeds
  • CT-C40-F7 (when using 1 : 5 mix design by mass i.e. 1 : 3 mix design by volume)

Application area

  • To produce high-strength industrial screeds.
  • To produce screeds with hard graining in all quality classes.

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