sand/cement screeds


Admixtures for light weight screeds

self-levelling insulation with accelerated drying

CONTOPP® Aerocrete SFS4

Application area

  • To produce light screed mortar for aerated screed, floating thermal insulation screeds and levelling screeds with thermal insulating properties.
  • To be used as an admixture together with light-weight beads without external foaming- generator.


AEROCRETE SFS 4 is a liquid admixture with foaming, liquefying and accelerating properties. When using AEROCRETE SFS 4 with adequate mixing devices the resulting light-weight mortar will deliver the following performance: - Reduction of thermal conductivity - Increased flowing parameters - Faster hardening and drying - Reduction of shrinkage - Fully compatibility with all common EPS-aggregates

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Please refer to the technical datasheet under DOWNLOADS for more information about handling and mixing ratios.