Zusatzmittel für Transportbeton und Betonfertigteile

MTC® SK 122 (BV) + (FM)


  • SK – 122 (BV) + (FM) brings about a steric shielding of the individual cement particles. This results in an even, homogenous dispersed cement paste that is low in internal frictional forces.

SK – 122 (BV) + (FM) enables: - An optimisation of the flowing properties whilst taking into consideration the cement used. - A very high, cement-dependent water saving and / or liquefaction. - High early and final strengths. - An improvement in the exposed face.

Application area

  • To produce concrete for the transport and construction site areas with a long-lasting fluidifying effect in dependence on the chosen cement.
  • SK – 122 (BV) + (FM) is used to improve the properties of fresh and hardened concrete.
  • Can be used in lower doses as a concrete superplasticiser in accordance with EN 934 – 2 table 2.
  • Can be used in greater doses as a plasticizer in accordance with EN 934 – 2 table 3.1/3.2.

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