Binder & admixtures for anhydrite screeds


Products for calcium sulphate screeds

PRONTOPP® calcium sulphate screed systems are based on the purest raw materials and are used to produce self-levelling calcium sulphate screeds as well as semi-dry calcium sulphate screeds. PRONTOPP® calcium sulphate screed systems have unique technical properties: greatly reduced shrinkage, high stability and homogeneity, low-post-treatment surfaces and seamless installation of large screed bays. These are just four of the outstanding advantages of this product technology. These selected raw materials give PRONTOPP® calcium sulphate screed systems the highest quality and uniformity - a prerequisite to meet our own requirements.

Calcium sulphate binders for semi-dry screeds

Calcium sulphate binders for self-levelling screeds

Calcium sulphate premix compounds

Admixtures for calcium sulphate screed

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