– we start directly with a wohle series of drying accelerators: the serie "B" of CONTOPP® Accelerators

The weather is still cool... some of the planning for 2023 is still in progress...

To continue to keep a cool head when choosing the drying accelerator, we have just the right thing for YOU! The CONTOPP® drying accelerators of the B series from KNOPP include the drying accelerators CONTOPP® Accelerator 10 RS-B, CONTOPP® Accelerator 15 RS-B and CONTOPP® Accelerator 20 B, specially developed for use with semi-dry to dry screed consistencies for reliable floor covering times from 2 days and a strength class of CT-C25-F5.

The outstanding laboratory and practical tests not only impressed our technical department, which is always "spoiled" by very good parameters, but above all the practical testers on the construction sites were more than impressed by the performance of this product series.

Depending on the selected product, functional heating can start after just 48 hours and end again after just 96 hours - this does not only save valuable time, it also helps to reduce the required energy costs to a minimum!

Would you also like to convince yourself of the outstanding processing properties of the CONTOPP® Accelerator B series?

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