Merger of KNOPP companies with KNOPP GmbH

3 becomes 1

The company KNOPP has been developing, producing and selling innovative construction chemicals for all applications in the areas of concrete and screed for more than 40 years. Since then, the name KNOPP has stood for quality, reliability and the highest level of customer service.

Over the years, the fact has moved further into the background that behind the name KNOPP stands a group of companies consisting of the individual companies MTC GmbH, KNOPP Vertriebs GmbH and KNOPP GmbH. The product groups CONTOPP®, PRONTOPP®, SYSTOPP, DUROPP® and MTC were assigned to the respective individual companies of the KNOPP group of companies. Especially for customers who have ordered goods across different product groups, this meant different internal contacts as well as company and invoicing data.

As a part of the constant optimization of business processes and to simplify internal work processes, it was therefore decided to merge the individual companies MTC GmbH and KNOPP Vertriebs GmbH with KNOPP GmbH with effect from December 1st, 2021 and to continue to operate this under the name "KNOPP GmbH" in the future. For you as a customer, this means that you will now receive all products from KNOPP GmbH and will be invoiced accordingly. You will benefit from one contact person, one order and one billing address, especially for cross-product group orders.

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